EMC urges organisations to upskill ‘creative’ workers in data science

2 Aug 2012

Data scientists can drive new revenue streams and it would benefit organisations to identify creative workers who can be upskilled to take on the role, storage hardware solutions provider EMC says.

The job of data scientist has been coming to the fore in the IT sector lately, especially with the advent of big data, as data scientists can uncover trends and patterns in huge volumes of information which citizens and organisations can use to produce valuable insights.

“Chief executives should get ahead of the curve now and start identifying people in their organisations who have proven themselves as both technically adroit and analytically creative,” said Jason Ward, EMC’s country manager in Ireland.

“It is important not to confine the review to IT professionals; the big data team should draw heavily from disciplines capable of thinking beyond typical linear problem-solving. Then, invest in them through training and certifications in big data analytics and data science, which colleges are beginning to develop,” Ward added.

Organisations should create a big data strategy that sets measurable business impact targets and is fully supported by the senior management team, said EMC.

“The impact of big data analytics on a business can be transformative,” said Ward.

“It goes beyond traditional ‘rear view’ business intelligence, revealing patterns in real-time to facilitate making a quantum leap from incremental improvement to predictive business processes and entirely new business models.”

Analytics image via Shutterstock

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