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Taking the first steps in forging your career is easier than you think

17 Aug 2018

If you’re just about to leave third level and are wondering what to do next, you’ll be relieved to hear that things aren’t as complicated as they may seem right now.

It’s Graduates Month here in the Careers section, timed to coincide with the period during which many people are receiving their final results from third-level education. This is a time when people begin to put together a plan for where they want to land next.

There are so many options at the feet of graduates these days, it can be a little dizzying. We obviously can’t tell you where to go or what to do, but we would like to provide some guidance. These types of decisions can be really terrifying and having a framework can allay those fears.

You may have already arranged to start a graduate programme and are feeling pretty nervous at the prospect of your first day. Ellen Brady thought she might be but, fortunately, the people at Accenture have some fantastic systems in place to make things less daunting. We spoke to her about her experience starting with the company’s graduate programme.

Aoife Hegarty was one of the lucky ones who always had a great deal of clarity about where she wanted her life to go. She wasn’t, however, always sure of which company she wanted to work with while qualifying as a chartered accountant. She explained to us why she chose EY as the place to start her career journey.

We also compiled this handy list of life sciences companies that are taking on graduates right now.

Perhaps graduate schemes aren’t for you. That’s totally fine – you might be happy to hear that Irish telecoms giant Eir has announced that it will take on 50 new apprentices.

Practicality will tell you to think of the most immediate and pressing issue. By that logic, you may be purely focused on that initial next step – but it’s possible to also think of the long game. Globoforce’s Niamh Graham has some great advice on that front.

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Eva Short
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