Irish mammies and daddies haven’t a clue what their kids work as

5 Nov 2015

Sub-editors, UI designers and data scientists in Ireland are fairly sure their folks haven’t a clue what they do. To be honest, most Irish workers don’t think their mammies and daddies know their job title, or where they work!

Fresh on the back of research that showed Irish parents think their special little guys and gals deserve a promotion this very minute, LinkedIn’s latest insight into the Irish workspace shows that less than one-quarter of us think our folks know what we do.

The results show that the majority of Irish workers believe their parents struggle to know even their child’s job title, with them being even less confident that their parents know their employer.

UI designers (89pc), data scientists (78pc) and sub-editors (68pc) were the jobs parents would be least confident about describing. These three, to be fair, are understandable.

So, too, that 68pc of parents were confused by the job title of social media manager, if anything that figure is a bit low.

However, it’s quite remarkable that just 78pc of parents “were confident about describing what a teacher does”. Farmers and PAs were job titles that 67pc of parents felt they could describe.

Even a child knows what these three jobs require, surely.

A quick straw poll of our office fell down broadly these lines actually. Only 20pc of us can confidently say our parents know what we do, but well over half think our folks know our job title. Anecdotally speaking, sub-editing, much like LinkedIn’s research, is a tough one for parents to grasp.

“LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day aims to bridge this knowledge gap between workers and their parents when it comes to the world of work,” said Wendy Murphy, senior HR director for LinkedIn EMEA.

“Providing parents with the insights and knowledge they need to offer useful advice to their children. It’s also an opportunity for us to acknowledge all the hard work and sacrifices that our parents made to help us on our career paths.”

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Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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