Skills supply vs demand pushing digital salaries skyward

1 Sep 2014

Rising confidence is pushing salaries for professionals in the digital and web sector upward. The latest salary survey from Prosperity reveals the battle to retain good talent has also led to the return of the counter offer.

According to the survey, after years of stagnation salaries have risen as confidence increases.

“We attribute this to increasing revenues and optimism which inclines companies to offer pay increases where perhaps there were pay freezes,” said chief executive Gary Mullan.

In a briefing note, Mullan pointed out that the arrival of born-on-the-web giants by virtue of IDA Ireland’s efforts is forcing local Irish firms to compete with companies that have a healthy hiring budget in order to retain staff.

This is leading to the re-emergence of the counter offer as employees are counter-offered more often than in the last five years in a bid to retain talent.

“The most obvious reason for increase in salaries is the ratio of supply and demand,” Mullan said.

“Certain skills are in huge demand and there are a finite number of experienced professionals in Ireland, therefore certain skill sets are commanding a higher than market average as companies compete for the same talent.”

Talking heads

According to Prosperity’s survey of the market place, a program manager with five years of experience working for an online publisher or web portal can now command a salary of between €80,000 and €100,000.

A head of e-commerce with five years of experience can expect to earn more than €100,000.

The head of digital in media, advertising, design and creative agencies can now expect to earn between €80,000 and €100,000.

In the gaming space, an online project manager with five years of experience can expect to earn €60,000, while an iOS/Android developer would likely command a salary of between €45,000 and €55,000.

A software development manager would be worth €60,000 to €90,000 to a company seeking these skills.

In blue chip companies, such as those in telecoms, software and finance, sales managers could earn more than €65,000, online channel managers could earn up to €80,000, while marketing executives could earn more than €50,000.

In retail and fast-moving consumer goods, marketing directors can earn between €110,000 and €150,000, while brand managers and CRM managers, for example, can earn up to €70,000.

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John Kennedy
By John Kennedy

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