Tech employers are most in-demand according to LinkedIn data (infographic)

11 Oct 2012

LinkedIn has ranked the companies professionals would most like to work for according to data from the social network, and tech has turned out to be the most represented industry on the list.

The data was revealed at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Las Vegas today. The most desirable companies worldwide are also the biggest names in tech – Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook – with Unilever rounding out the top 5 and Twitter making an appearance at No 14.

The list is derived from the actions of more than 175m LinkedIn users. There are more than 2m companies on LinkedIn and, last year, there were more than 15bn interactions between professionals and companies. This data has been cross-referenced with thousands of survey responses in an effort to pinpoint what kind of interactions indicate a desire to work for a particular company.

The result is a list of the top 100 most in-demand employers on LinkedIn overall and the top 20 for four particular roles (marketing professionals, finance and accounting professionals, students and recent graduates, and software engineers). A top 20 for five individual countries (the US, India, Australia, Canada and Brazil) has also been revealed, with details to follow for the UK, France and the Netherlands.

With 21 companies on the list, the tech sector is the most in-demand. Google not only takes the overall top spot, but also ranked No 1 among marketers, software engineers and graduates as the place where they want to work.

LinkedIn's Most In-Demand Employers

Infographic via LinkedIn

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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