Work-life balance
82pc of people have replied to a work email while on vacation

More than half of employees have answered a work email from the bathroom (infographic)

16 Jun 2015

Ah, work-life balance. A mere myth for many of us, with laptops, tablets and smartphones meaning we are ‘on’  all the time.

A survey from the US by ThinkingPhones found that more than half (53pc) of those surveyed have responded to a work-related query while in the bathroom, while nearly a fifth (18pc) have responded to work emails while on a (presumably fairly bad) date.

Even while on holidays, it seems that many of us struggle to switch off, with a whopping 82pc of those surveyed responding to work emails while on vacation.

The survey does seem to reveal something of a generational/seniority gap, though. Sixteen per cent of entry-level employees say it is not appropriate to work outside of business hours, but just 5pc of executive-level employees say the same.

Work-life balance, eh? Who needs it?!

Click on the infographic to see a full-size version.

ThinkingPhones Infographic_FINAL[1]

Work-life balance image, via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman
By Brigid O Gorman

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