Zartis’ social referral recruitment solution taps into employees’ online networks
Jarlath Dooley, Version 1 human resource director, and John Dennehy, CEO of Zartis, at the launch of the new social referral solution for recruitment

Zartis’ social referral recruitment solution taps into employees’ online networks

3 May 2012

Cork-based recruitment software company Zartis is set to shake up the recruitment business by allowing employees to refer candidates through their social media accounts and rewarding them if they find the right candidates.

Version 1, an IT consulting and managed services provider, will be the first company to use the brand-new social referral system in an effort to fill 90 new jobs.

Zartis will set up a system for Version 1 to upload information on positions available and allocate a bonus to reward employees for successful referrals. Employees can then log in to this system to view the roles and, quickly and easily, they can send an alert to a contact on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook recommending he or she apply for the role. The service can also use keyword matching to automatically make recommendations from LinkedIn.

When the contact receives this message, a single click will bring him or her to Version 1’s website to find out more or even apply for the position there and then – the candidate can even apply straight from his or her phone.

A game-changer in recruitment

Using social media for recruitment is not an entirely new prospect thanks to the popularity of LinkedIn, but this service capitalises on current employees’ connections on these networks. “On average, each employee has about 150 first-degree connections on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. With 300 employees in Version 1, we theoretically have access to 45,000 connections,” says Jarlath Dooley, HR director at Version 1.

The solution will not only grant employers access to a large pool of potential recruits, but, with employees vouching for applicants, there is a better chance of finding the most appropriate candidate. “We see social referral as a game-changer in recruitment,” says Dooley. “Firstly, there are huge cost savings as we do not require a recruitment agency, but, more importantly referrals are undoubtedly better hires. Great people know other great people.”

So far, Version 1 employees have responded positively to the process, with 100 new applications coming through this week.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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