Nokia and Microsoft to mobilise Office 2010

12 Aug 2009

Ahead of the release of Microsoft’s Office 2010 it appears that the software giant has made a deal with Nokia to bring the productivity suite to the mobile handset.

This strategic alliance, according to the New York Times, will be announced later today.

The Nokia/Microsoft partnership will further spread the Redmond-based company’s software footprint for Office 2010, which is already competing with Google Docs by offering a free web-based version.

Last week’s purchase of the domain from Belgium-based firm, ContactOffice Group, could also be seen as another way to ensure web-minded people who may have chosen Google Docs out of sheer ease, may now consider Microsoft’s office in the cloud.

Previously Microsoft has announced that a native version of Office 2010 for Windows Mobile smartphones was on the cards as well as a mobile web-ready version that would display well on handsets like the iPhone.

While there are no details about this alleged deal, a suite of Microsoft offerings on Nokia’s Ovi Store would boost both brands in the mobile space.

The Nokia/Microsoft deal is expected to be announced later today after both companies said they were holding a conference call.