11pc increase in jobs advertised online

12 Aug 2010

The Irishjobs.ie index has found that there has been an 11pc increase in jobs advertised online for Q2 2010.

This increase was compared to the last set of figures released in March 2010.

These new figures surpassed the benchmarked index from April 2009 by 19pc.

The largest increase in jobs advertised online in Q2 compared to Q1 were seen in Secretarial and Administration (+47pc), IT (+23%) and Banking Financial Services and Insurance (+20pc).

Other sectors which have had significant increases include Education, Childcare and Training (+11pc), Sales (+11pc), Marketing (+8pc), General Management (+8pc) and Pharmaceuticals and Food (+8pc).

Jane Lorigan, managing director of Saongroup.com, the parent company of Irishjobs.ie found the growing number of jobs being advertised online to be encouraging.

“Out of the 28 job sectors monitored, 19 reflected a positive change since Q1 2010, which continues to demonstrate growing stability in the marketplace,” she said.

“In regards to the IT and Sales sectors, the trend continues as there is still a strong demand for employees with almost twice as many jobs advertised in these industries than any other,” said Lorigan.

Marketing manager Valerie Sorohan agrees. “Looking at the sectors we were seeing, sales and IT have continued to be strong throughout the last 18 months to two years, even within this economic climate” she said.

Sorohan feels that there is more confidence in the workplaces and saw that earlier this year, more multinationals were recruiting online, adding to this growth.

While the overall news on growth in online job advertising is positive, the retail, wholesaling and purchasing sector is still in decline, falling by 11pc compared to the Q1 figure.

Sorohan feels that this is due to consumers being more wary with their money. “Consumers are being a lot more conscious in saving money and cutting down on items that they wouldn’t they have thought twice about buying,” she said.

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