2,168 jobs on the cards for Ireland after incredible week

24 Jun 2016

Brexit be damned! Amid fears that a Brexit could tank the Irish jobs market, the Irish jobs market has thumbed its nose at the naysayers and the doubters, announcing 168 jobs and creating the potential for 2,000 more.

The two big Brexit-defying announcements of the week came from a European Space Agency (ESA) investment that would bring 1,000 jobs to the Irish space sector in the next four years, and a £100m investment in the Northern Ireland Science Park, which was expected to create another 1,000.

Smaller announcements came from Alert Logic, eShopWorld and Surf Accounts, and a more definitive call – for 10 science and engineering grads – came from the ESA.

Outside the jobs announcements, we also heard that Brexit might be a more direct boost for the Irish jobs market, with Indeed’s EMEA economist, Mariano Mamertino, claiming that Brexit could be a talent goldmine for this little island.

Hopefully, none of the tech talent soon to be flooding Ireland’s shores will be put off by the fact that we were this week named the world’s 47th most-expensive city for expats to live and work in…

Those that do persist in coming here will be able to join truly modern workplaces, a far cry from the offices of the 1980s, as we could clearly see in an infographic we published earlier this week.

This week, we also heard from Jonathan Harte, a VP of market risk technology reporting solutions at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who advised on how to be successful in a tech career. His advice, though – to make sure your work isn’t throwaway – is surely applicable across industries and specialities.

Finally, this week, the Digital Hub celebrated its latest graduating class of Future Creators, unleashing newly-minted teen digital entrepreneurs on the world. Hopefully, they’ll now be well placed to reap the rewards of Brexit.

As always, for more details on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. 1,000 space technology jobs are about to land in Ireland

Ireland’s investment in the European Space Agency will deliver a yield of more than 1,000 jobs in the space sector in the next four years. Revenues in Irish companies involved in the space industry are expected to rocket.

2. Northern Ireland’s £100m bid for 5,000 tech jobs with Catalyst

A rebranding of Northern Ireland Science Park, to the tune of £100m, is hoped to bring 5,000 jobs to the region in science and technology areas.

3. Brexit could be a talent goldmine for Ireland’s tech economy

Britain’s decision to exit the European Union, with likely restrictions on immigration, could harm its tech economy but be a boon to that of neighbouring Ireland, as the country will be the only English-speaking nation in the EU.

4. Dublin 47th most-expensive city for expats to live and work in

Driven by the booming tech scene and a spiralling rent crisis, Dublin has moved up the rankings two places to become the 47th most expensive city in the world for expats to live and work in.

5. The office experience has dramatically changed: 1986-2016

Companies have completely overhauled how they satisfy their employees since the turn of the millennium, but how different was the workplace 30 years ago?

6. ‘Make sure your work isn’t throwaway’, says Bank of America VP

Jonathan Harte is a Bank of America Merrill Lynch VP in market risk technology reporting solutions – a dense job title, for sure, and one that’s necessary to unpack a little. Harte tells us about his day-to-day work in fintech, and what skills and tools he uses to get his job done.

7. Young digital entrepreneurs celebrated at Future Creators ceremony

This year’s Future Creators programme has come to a close, with 22 graduates receiving certificates at a ceremony in NCAD.

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