Career Zoo: Interview with Audrey O’Mahony, Accenture Ireland
Audrey O'Mahony, senior manager, technology consulting, Accenture Ireland

Career Zoo: Interview with Audrey O’Mahony, Accenture Ireland

18 Sep 2014

Accenture Ireland is recruiting across a range of sectors and Audrey O’Mahony was keen to meet the future talent of this organisation at Career Zoo in Dublin on Saturday.

At the event in the Convention Centre Dublin on 13 September, O’Mahony – who is a senior manager within Accenture Ireland’s technology consulting arm – told us that the landscape of tech jobs is changing in this company and, where she previously sought recruits with hard technical skills such as programming, she’s now looking for candidates with the necessary soft skills for client management.

“As our business is expanding and as that whole sector is sort of evolving, we’re looking for people who do have a very strong technical acumen, and have an interest in technology, but equally have very strong soft skills and have the ability to really build relationships with our clients,” she said.

Over the past year, O’Mahony says a marriage of technical skills and soft skills has become more and more in-demand, meaning there’s always scope for people who measure up on one side of this equation to upskill and transition to a career in tech.

Accenture is a Silicon Republic Featured Employer, a selected top tech company that’s hiring now.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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