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Here are 7 of the top companies hiring in technical support

22 Oct 2018

Technical support staff play a vital role in the ecosystem of a business. These companies are all hiring in this area right now.

Technical support roles are one of the best reminders that the value of essentially human skills will not depreciate any time soon in this technology-driven world.

Support staff often serve as a bridge in whatever capacity they’re operating. When they are customer-facing, they are vital in preserving the relationship between a business and who that business serves. When they are operating within a business, they often need to support people with no technical knowledge in executing technical functions essential to their own jobs in whatever area of the business they are placed in.

The hard, technical skills are essential, of course, but support staff also need to be empathetic and good communicators. They need to be able to detect what the core issue is and figure out both how to address that issue and how to communicate the solution in a way that is clear enough that someone from a non-technical background can understand and execute it.

It’s an in-demand role that leverages a variety of skills, and one that these seven companies are all hiring for right now.


Slack has the unique distinction of being known as the fastest-growing business application of all time, and for good reason. The business messaging app helps millions of users effectively communicate with their teams and set reminders about essential tasks.

When an app plays such an important role in how professional teams operate, you can expect that technical support staff are always needed to address any pressing issues that arise in a timely manner. You can find out more about Slack’s job openings here.


For Zendesk, customer care is the lifeblood of the entire company, which was born out of a desire to make customer support interactions less headache-inducing. It outsources to some of the most well-known tech companies in the world such as Netflix and Airbnb. As such, it is seeking applicants for a variety of customer support roles in a number of different languages.


Multinational software company Citrix has been expanding its Irish presence rapidly in the last while. In April 2017, it revealed 150 new positions in Dublin, primarily in the areas of sales and tech. Then, just today (22 October), the company announced that it has invested almost €7m in expanding its office at East Point Business Park, creating another 30 roles, many of which are also in tech support. You can check out the vacancies here.


Paradyn is the result of a merger of three Irish tech and comms firms – Exigent Networks, Irish Telecom and Netforce. With its combined powers, Paradyn now manages the IT, security and networking of 30,000 users.

In July of this year, the company announced that it was growing its headcount in Ireland by 40, effectively doubling its staff numbers on the back of a €4m investment to fund growth in acquisitions. It is hiring for, among other roles, technical support positions.

New Relic

New Relic provides an application performance monitoring tool as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. It monitors web and mobile applications in real time and even supports custom-built plugins to collect data.

As you can expect, rolling out this kind of product will invariably require a trained team of customer representatives to answer any and all queries that arise. As such, the company has available positions for different levels of technical support.


Qualtrics creates a system of record for ‘experience’ data. It allows firms to manage business experiences that fall under four main headings: customer, product, employee and brand experiences.

The company, founded in 2002 in Utah, recently laid out plans to expand its EMEA HQ in Dublin. It is seeking applicants for a number of different roles, including technical support.


Retail giant Amazon hit headlines last summer when it announced that it would be taking on a staggering 1,000 employees and opening a new 170,000 sq ft building in Dublin 4.

It announced a number of new roles, including technical management and support roles, more about which can be found out here.

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Updated, 11:18am, 23 october 2018: This article was updated to clarify the nature of the roles available at New Relic.

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