Hays explains the 2015 Irish IT jobs market, and where the opportunities lie
Anne-Marie Walsh, senior consultant at Hays Recruitment

Hays explains the 2015 Irish IT jobs market, and where the opportunities lie

26 Mar 2015

Anne-Marie Walsh, senior consultant at Hays, sees a lot of activity in programming jobs, but data science is the buzz area of 2015.

The growth in multinationals operating in Ireland, running mounds of data through their Irish offices, means more and more people are needed to make sense of all this information.

Business knowledge, too, is very important to employers. No longer can candidates rely on one skill, everybody needs to think big and plan for progression.

“At Hays we’ve seen a requirement for business analysts and project managers, with change experience,” explains Walsh, who name-checks areas like Wintel, VMware and Cisco engineers as key employment areas right now.

Developers, too, are in demand with the likes of Javascript, CSS and HTML popular, although the supply and demand issue with regards Python is seeing developers on that end having their pick of employment.

However an interesting aspect of the current Irish employment scene is the increased prevalence in counter-offers, and how employers are using them to attract, and indeed retain, their desired staff.

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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