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Inspirefest and jobs dominate headlines in interesting week for Irish job market

8 Jul 2016

Although this week was a little light on jobs announcements – a lowly 174 compared to the 2,168 of two weeks ago – it was far from a dull week in careers.

With announcements coming from Mota-Engil, VT iDirect, a group of Fingal start-ups and DiaNia, it was the intangible jobs that grabbed the attention.

According to new research from Boston Consulting Group, Ireland could add 140,000 by 2020 if it commits to, and fully harnesses, its position as a digital leader.

Future Human

That could be either reassuring news or a terrifying proposition for the Irish digital and tech business owners who, according to the latest salary survey from Prosperity, are losing up to 25pc of their staff to multinationals.

Though their fears are nothing compared to those of UK start-ups who, in a post-Brexit world, are looking at a dearth of candidates with the UK no longer standing as a beacon for overseas talent.

Those 140,000 jobs will definitely be a source of confidence for young people considering a career path into tech.

It may be of particular interest to the four Irish programming students heading to the Programming Olympiad in Russia next month, who will no doubt be keen to pursue careers in the sector.

Stories from Inspirefest

They may also turn to Inspirefest – which took place last Thursday and Friday, 30 June and 1 July, and was a treasure trove for advice, both for careers and for personal growth – for guidance on the workplaces they want to be part of.

Over the course of Inspirefest, we heard from industry experts on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and of creating happy workforces.

We also heard from Karla O’Brien, a transgender student at DCU, who brought the audience to its feet with an emotional, heart-warming story about being comfortable in your own skin.

Embodying the Inspirefest spirit of diversity, we also got some good news from the US this week – Google has given Black Girls Code a $2.8m space in their NY offices.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Ireland can reap 140,000 new jobs

New research by Boston Consulting Group this week suggested that Ireland could land a bonanza of 140,000 new jobs and boost GDP annual growth rate by 50pc if it moves swiftly to copper-fasten its position as one of Europe’s digital frontrunners.

2. Irish tech firms losing up to 25pc of staff

Irish digital and tech business owners are losing up to 25pc of their staff to bigger multinationals that can offer more attractive salaries, bonuses and benefits, according to the latest salary survey from Prosperity.

3. Fears Brexit could cripple UK start-ups

Despite best efforts by the UK’s tech community to warn of the implications of a Brexit prior to the vote, the decision has been taken and the biggest issue now facing both established tech players and start-ups is attracting overseas talent.

4. Irish team of four selected for Programming Olympiad

The final four have been decided, the trip booked and the passports sorted, as Ireland’s team gears up for the Programming Olympiad in Russia this August.

5. If diversity is a priority, here are 40 ways to act on it

Leaving Inspirefest, Lucy Fuggle took away no less than 40 ideas for creating a more diverse and inclusive professional environment.

6. Finding the key to happy, creative employees

It’s almost impossible to think about the tech industry without also thinking about careers. Media fervour surrounding the glittering world of tech is high, and global fascination with what it must be like to work with the tech giants is nearly overwhelming.

7. Black Girls Code gets $2.8m space in Google New York HQ

Black Girls Code now has its own space within the confines of Google’s New York HQ – in a space worth $2.8m – with aims of connecting young girls directly with the tech industry.

8. A rapturous standing ovation at Inspirefest for Karla’s journey

Karla O’Brien spoke at Inspirefest of her journey from ‘Baby of the Year’ to becoming the woman she always wanted to be. With spontaneous applause throughout, O’Brien was eventually cheered off the stage with the audience on its feet.

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