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28 Aug 2015

Every week, we see a rash of jobs announcements in the tech industry, showing us that the sector is strong, and growing ever stronger, offering many opportunities for those seeking a tech career.

This week, it goes a little beyond that. Looking back over our tech career-related stories from the past few days, it’s been all about advancement.

We started the week with Hays Ireland’s detailed look at graduate hot spots and paths to graduate programmes.

Intel announced the opening of the applications process for its Women in Technology scholarship programme, which supports young women as they progress through undergraduate courses in STEM.

We also looked at a programme being offered by Digital Irish, supporting Irish graduates as they seek J1-based high-quality internships in the US.

When all those programmes finish up, their participants will be entering an industry with a wealth of opportunity.

This week saw the announcement of 595 jobs, across a spectrum of disciplines and spread throughout the country.

Most notable was today’s announcement from Deloitte, bringing 400 jobs to Ireland over the next four years, but Vodafone, Energia, Intercom and APC Microbiome were no slouches either.

And, finally, it being back to school week, we brought readers two light-hearted career-related pieces – we knew a lot of our readers would need a little bit of extra cheering up.

We took a look at the difference between schools now and schools in the ’70s. Spoiler alert! It’s smartphones.

We also put together a collection of 10 memes and videos that should appeal to sound engineers – though we’re fairly certain you’ll get a kick out of them too.

As always, for more information on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Graduate hot spots: how to get your dream career

For recent graduates, the options seem boundless and a major challenge is simply knowing where to start. Hays has some tips.

2. Intel offering scholarships for female STEM students

The Intel Women in Technology scholarship programme this week opened to applications from female students across a range of science, engineering and technology courses.

3. How to get a J1 internship in tech

Rather than spend your J1 working in a banana stand, why not spend your time getting some priceless intern experience in some of New York’s largest tech companies with the help of some Irish ex-pats at Digital Irish.

4. Deloitte bringing 400 jobs to Irish branches

The accounting and consulting firm Deloitte has announced a major jobs windfall for Ireland, with plans to create 400 jobs in the country over the next four years, including a number of tech roles.

5. Intercom plans to double Dublin workforce

Intercom will use newly raised funds to continue investment in research and development, and to double the staff in its Dublin office, creating 70 new engineering jobs.

6. Energia electricity campaign to generate 55 new jobs

Up to 55 new jobs are to be created nationwide by two sales and marketing companies helping drive Energia’s push into the electricity and gas market.

7. 50 new research jobs for Cork’s APC Microbiome

APC Microbiome – formerly Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre – has announced the creation of 50 new research jobs ahead of the launch of its new facility.

8. 20 new jobs as Vodafone invests €7m in data centre

Up to 20 new jobs will be created in Dublin as part of an expansion of Vodafone’s data centre, focused on its cloud and hosting business across Europe.

9. The return to school: Irish students through the years

It’s back to school time! Here’s a nice comparison between the schoolkids of today and those of yesteryear. Hint: the major difference seems to be smartphones.

10. 10 memes sound engineers should find funny

Sound engineers should have all the fun, sitting in on seminal recordings and going to gigs all over the world. The truth, though, is far less glamorous.

Looking for tech jobs in Ireland? Check out our Featured Employers section for information on companies hiring right now.

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