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9 cool tech companies taking on graduates right now

20 Aug 2018

Have you recently wrapped up your studies and don’t know where to go next? One of these companies might be the perfect fit for you.

Many will mourn the halcyon days of student life coming to an end. It’s daunting to transition into graduate life simply because for many, it’s the first time that they’ve had to really consider what they want from life and how they plan to get there.

Up until this point, a lot of people have simply leapfrogged between educational institutions. This is the path for young people that society most endorses. There are, of course, myriad faults to be found with such a myopic perspective, but nonetheless it is the case.

This means that for a lot of people, selecting where to go after third level is the first truly independent career choice they get to make.

If you are currently staring down the barrel of that decision, you may appreciate a little guidance. We’ve compiled a list of some of the companies taking on graduates right now.


Sometimes playfully dubbed ‘the email killer’, Slack is the fastest growing B2B app in the world. It has revolutionised the way professional teams communicate and help to mould the shape of the future of work.

If you too want to help shape this future, you’ll be happy to know that Slack is hiring graduates right now.


Also in the business of transforming working life, Globoforce uses a variety of cloud-based tools to improve workplace culture. It believes that the key to driving productivity and growth is to utilise the transformative power of positive reinforcement in professional settings.

As such, you can imagine that Globoforce itself is a pretty nice place to work. If this sounds like an ideal fit for your ambitions, head to its careers page now and check out some of the positions for graduates.

Kemp Technologies

Today’s world moves faster than ever. We are, as a society, more interconnected thanks to advances in the internet and technology.

This is all well and good, but what happens when too many people try to pile on to one webpage at once? Say, for example, when people flock to ticket vendors on the day that much-coveted concert tickets go on sale?

Kemp Technologies works to ensure that websites can load-balance massive amounts of traffic. This helps to keep webpages from crashing, even when dealing with a high volume of users. It’s a complex and vital element to keeping the online world ticking along smoothly.

Perhaps you like the idea of contributing to this. If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Kemp is taking on new recruits now.


Mastercard really needs no introduction as it is one of the most well-known financial services firms in the world. Earlier this year, it hit Irish headlines with the revelation that it is to take on 175 new hires at its Dublin office.

The world of finance is changing. To help it shepherd in the new era of payments, Mastercard needs lots of bright minds. If you want to be one of them, check out the roles it’s hiring for now.


If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file on your computer, you’ve probably found yourself extremely grateful that cloud-based file hosting service Dropbox exists.

In your student years, Dropbox may have helped you out of an essay-related jam. If you feel like you want to help out the company in return, you can apply for some of its available roles.


Oath is the digital media arm of communications giant Verizon. It boasts an impressive list of well-known brands under its umbrella including Tumblr, HuffPost, Yahoo and TechCrunch.

It has offices dotted all over the world, including one in Dublin where it is is currently hiring.


Digital transformation is the bread and butter of US multinational Avaya. It’s a good business to be in these days as enterprises across all sectors are anxious to transition smoothly into the technological era. Companies such as Avaya play an integral role in this.

If you would also like to play a role in digital transformation after university, you’ll be happy to hear that Avaya has a number of roles for graduates up for grabs.


Zendesk believes that calling customer service doesn’t have to be a headache-inducing process. If anything, it believes that  companies can form meaningful and productive relationships with their customers using its platform.

It needs a lot of people to make this a reality, though, as evinced by the recent $10m investment it made in swanky new offices in Dublin. These offices need people to fill them, and one of those people could easily be you if you apply here.

New Relic

New Relic is a digital intelligence software-as-a-service platform that allows developers and IT teams to monitor the performance of their applications. The firm was founded by tech maven Lew Cirne in 2008. Since then, offices have mushroomed all around the globe, including the newly announced European HQ in Dublin.

As such, it is currently recruiting for a variety of roles.

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