10 sound engineer memes tune into the career

3 Mar 20151.08k Views

This week’s career memes pay tribute to sound engineers, the professionals also known as audio engineers, who control the sound at live events, such as concerts, or during recordings.

What they do: Operate microphones, amplifiers and control desks; discuss the production’s sound needs with the team; provide background music and sound effects; maintain, unload, set up and dismantle equipment; and carry out sound checks before a performance.

What they don’t do: Make announcements over the sound system or a public address system.

Educational requirements: A background in music and sound technology, and an understanding of physics and electronics can be useful.

Required skills: Obviously, good hearing; a good sense of pitch, timing and rhythm; patience and concentration; able to work well with others; and good communication skills.

Salary: An audio/sound engineer can expect to earn an average annual salary of US$56,610, according to Sokanu.com.

Sound engineer photo at top via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza
By Tina Costanza

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