Career opportunities at FireEye in Dublin (video)
Tom Keating, managing director of engineering, FireEye Dublin

Career opportunities at FireEye in Dublin (video)

23 Jun 2014746 Views

In our employer insights series, Tom Keating, managing director of engineering at FireEye Dublin, gives us an insight into what it’s like to work for this leading provider of next-generation protection against advanced cybersecurity threats.

FireEye, which acquired Mandiant in 2013, currently employs more than 20 people at its office in Dublin city centre. This team comprises people with a variety of skill sets from different parts of Ireland and Europe, but Keating is seeking more engineers of all types to join them.

Whether you’re a software engineer, quality engineer or localisation engineer, the key skill required by FireEye is problem solving. “It’s so dynamic, the cybersecurity side – technologies change, methods change – and I need people who can adapt with that and come up with new, inventive ways,” said Keating.

Primarily, Keating is looking for candidates with a background in computer science or software engineering, though he says there are people working for FireEye who have transitioned from other disciplines. The common trait they all share, however, is a passion for technology.

The Look Inside video series offers an insight into our Featured Employers and the types of roles and candidates that companies are looking for.

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