KEMP Technologies is success-driven and at the forefront of innovation
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Kemp Technologies is success-driven and at the forefront of innovation

11 Dec 2017

We got a sneak peek inside the Kemp Technologies offices in Limerick to get an insight into what it’s like to work there.

In the internet landscape of today, being able to handle high volumes of traffic is essential, particularly given how rapidly the number of internet users worldwide has increased over the past decade.

Online marketplaces such as Asos would not be able to function if anything happened to their data centres, putting them offline.

Luckily, the software produced by Kemp Technologies balances traffic load so that Asos’s only concern is continuing to dominate the 18-35-year-old market in the world of fashion.

Kemp Technologies was founded in New York in 2000. In 2010, the company announced that its European headquarters would be opened in the National Technology Park in Limerick.

According to EMEA managing director at Kemp, Marguerite Leen, the company produces “application delivery technology that is easily deployable in real time on any platform anywhere”.

Roy Dunican, a senior systems engineer at Kemp, said: “Kemp as a company is very innovative. Because we’re outwardly innovative, we’re encouraged to be innovative within the company. That gives everybody the opportunity to be creative when they need to be, so we can further progress Kemp’s innovative culture.”

A large part of what fuels the company’s innovation is its constant focus on what the younger generation can bring. As Barry Gleeson, team lead of automated tools and services in Kemp, revealed, the interns often have wildly successful tenures at the company.

“We’ve a big focus on graduate and internship recruitment. A lot of our interns have had successful internships here and have then gone on to join as graduates, and actually play really important roles here at Kemp.”

Time and time again, these interns have found that they are given great responsibility from the get-go and are immediately made to feel a part of the team.

“We’re very much success-driven,” Gleeson continued. “People are rewarded for success [and] given more opportunities to develop.”

Work-life balance is nevertheless a priority at Kemp, as Dunican highlighted. “Every quarter, we make sure that we have a social gathering. All my colleagues can get together and go out and have an event and have a good time.

“So, it’s not just about a work culture here, it’s about a social culture.”

Updated 11.14am, 21 December 2017: This article was updated following a clarification from Kemp Technologies.

Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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