Tech talent moves from Italy to Ireland’s dynamic IT landscape

21 Sep 2015

On 12 September, The Convention Centre Dublin was transformed for Career Zoo, Ireland’s largest tech recruitment event. Many of its attendees were from countries other than Ireland.

The influx of talented tech candidates from other countries is something that has become commonplace in the Irish tech scene over the last number of years.

As the tech industry has thrived, buoyed by Ireland’s vaunted status as a haven for multinationals of all stripes, more and more roles have become available.

Good news by itself, but the problem with an increase in available roles – when it comes to tech at least – is that there often aren’t enough people to fill them.

As a result, tech companies with Irish headquarters, and indeed Irish tech companies, are forced to look outside the borders of this small island to find candidates with the right mix of qualifications and skills.

Events like Career Zoo can be hugely helpful in that regard, but, sometimes, the whole process is a lot more organic.

At, we have a series called Trading Places, which looks at the stories of those who have immigrated to Ireland to work within the tech industry.

A lot of those people came here from the far sunnier climes of Italy – and, by and large, they like it here.

Issues understanding the Irish accent and coming to terms with the rain notwithstanding, they speak universally about the friendliness of the Irish people.

They also speak about the amazing Irish countryside, and the “unique mystic and evocative atmosphere”.

Mostly, though, they talk about Ireland as a destination for those who are serious about working in tech. They call it “one of the most important technology hubs across Europe” and say it has a varied and dynamic IT landscape.

They also trumpet its connectivity, saying “the number of flight connections make Ireland way more central than imagined”.

To read the stories of those who have already moved from Italy, and who have enjoyed many successes in Ireland, simply swipe through the articles at the top of this page.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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