Finnish exercise website working out well

1 Oct 2010

A Finnish online social exercising diary as set its sights on generating business from its users sharing workout tips online.

Online social exercising diary,, said its main objective is to make working out more fun and to enable users to exchange exercise advice and support.

“Our key point is to add more fun to workouts. Most of the competitors are focused on results only,” co-founder and chairman, Jussi Raisanen, told Reuters.

Heiaheia, pronounced: “Hey ya, Hey ya”, a Norwegian sports chant, facilitates a service where users can share and also keep track of friends and their own activity level.

The start-up describes itself as: “A web service where anybody can experience the feeling of being cheered for by your friends for your skiing heroics, your runs, your walks, your gardening – or whatever your favourite physical activities happen to be.”