Aid:Tech’s Niall Dennehy spoke at Inspirefest 2019 about how blockchain can make real-world improvements for humanity.

Speaking on stage at Inspirefest 2019, Aid:Tech’s co-founder and COO, Niall Dennehy, explained that unlike many companies caught up in the hype around blockchain, Aid:Tech’s platform was designed to provide greater transparency to donations made to aid organisations through the people of the world.

Since then, it has expanded to work towards giving millions of undocumented people across the world a usable digital identity.

“We believe that if you give people an identity you’re including them, and we believe that digital identity should match physical identity,” Dennehy told the audience. “You’ve got a physical self, you’re here, you exist today. Why not have the same thing in the digital world and you completely own that? Why is it a big problem?”


Words by Colm Gorey