Liberty IT’s Jayne Spalding gives us the inside track on her career path and explains the importance of taking chances.

If there is one thing that Jayne Spalding has learned since she embarked on her career at Liberty IT, it is that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to working in tech.

Spalding is a product owner. That means she is in a very social role where networking is really important and teamwork is a feature of her day-to-day duties. She thinks there is a fear around tech that isn’t necessarily representative of what it’s actually like to work in the sector. “Technology has often been a fear area for a lot of women and I’d say, do not be afraid, because there are so many areas that you can work in within the technology sector,” Spalding said.

Of course, a huge part of overcoming that fear is working in a supportive environment. “Liberty IT has helped me in my career progression in many ways. The opportunities I’ve had since I joined the company have been absolutely massive,” Spalding explained.

One of these opportunities has been getting involved in the company’s DEI global fundamentals programme. It’s an internal education programme for employees all about diversity, equity and inclusion. “To be able to be involved in delivering that programme has been amazing, and the fact that it does really promote inclusion, which I love, has been fantastic,” Spalding said.

Offering advice for people who want to progress in their career, Spalding encourages people to say yes to opportunities. “If somebody is looking to progress their career in tech, I would say grab the opportunities when they come.”


Words by Blathnaid O’Dea