Debra Ireland is a charity that supports patients living with EB. To raise money for the cause, a group of 20 women embarked on a journey to the Arctic Circle.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It’s involved in so many elements of keeping the human form happy, doing everything from protecting our bodies to regulating our temperatures.

Now, imagine how debilitating it would be if your skin was as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. Unfortunately, people with the rare, genetic skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB) don’t have to imagine.

EB causes chronic skin blistering and those with the condition have to change their bandages daily to avoid infection, in a process that can take as long as three hours.

The impact of this cannot be understated, which is why the charity’s partnership with Inspirefest is of such importance to the event founder, Ann O’Dea.

She took to the stage to detail how she embarked on an Arctic Challenge with 19 other women to raise money for Debra Ireland, a charity for those living with EB, and then chatted with Claudia and Liz Collins about the condition.


Words by Eva Short