As we celebrate the first ever LGBTSTEM Day, Dr Shaun O’Boyle is aiming to increase the visibility of LGBTQ scientists in Ireland.

Why bring sexuality into science?

Faced with this question (and many more), Dr Shaun O’Boyle realised the glaring need for the first ever international day for LGBTQ people in STEM, LGBTSTEM Day, which is celebrated today (5 July).

Listing just a few of the challenges faced by LGBTQ scientists in Ireland, O’Boyle highlighted to the Inspirefest 2018 audience the daily struggles faced by these individuals.

“Why does anyone feel that they can’t be out in their workplace to begin with? It’s awful. I know from experience you spend every minute of every day monitoring, policing, editing your behaviour, your words, to make sure you don’t ‘get found out’.”

Co-organised by House of STEM, Pride in STEM, InterEngineering and oSTEM, LGBTSTEM Day is the first word in a brand new conversation to be had within this community of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians in Ireland.

To have your say, get online and get chatting using the hashtag #LGBTSTEMDay.


Words by Shelly Madden