Cause, control, contemplation and community – Hatch Analytics founder Monica Parker’s top tips for building a motivated workforce.

Monica Parker revealed during Inspirefest 2016 just how damaging an under-motivated workforce is to a company.

One study in particular highlighted the negative effect of disengaged staff, with almost one-fifth seeking to undermine the success of their engaged colleagues.

Culture and motivation are two of the three main reasons why people leave their jobs and, of the disengaged people in the workforce, most of them will stay in your company.

“But I’m going to encourage everyone today to start a soft revolution,” said Parker. “The power of soft numbers, of soft metrics. I want us to look at the ROE – return of engagement – within businesses.”

And so came the four Cs: cause, control, contemplation and community.

Cause gives the “richness of engagement”, she said. Control doesn’t need to be iron-fisted, while contemplation was best explained through the prism of stress-related illness.

Parker said stress-related illness was the “epidemic of the 21st century”, though loneliness doesn’t appear to be far behind.

Words by Gordon Hunt

Image: Conor McCabe Photography