Silicon Republic’s editor John Kennedy gets his hands on the Apple Watch and put it through its paces.

Winding its way intricately into your life (no pun intended) the Apple Watch is a solid performer with an operating system in Watch OS 2 that is as exciting as the hardware and the various materials to complement it.

You can tell Apple took the design of the watch very seriously, delving deeply into the traditions of watchmaking and horology to come up with a device that is very much of its time.

With an impressive array of straps and materials the Apple Watch is the California tech giant’s first foray into fashion also.

Apple launched the Apple Watch with an impressive array of third party apps as well as built-in tools that conspire to make you fit and healthy.

All-in-all it is an impressive piece of technology that is tainted only by its high price, with the Sport version starting at €429 and the most expensive version in pure 18-carat Gold costing an eye-watering €13,300.

Words by John Kennedy