Anyone who has wanted to generate their own energy and filter their own water can now do so with an amazing open source device.

Speaking on stage at Inspirefest 2018, Chinese-Canadian mechanical and electrical engineer Eden Full Goh described what inspired her to develop a cheap, easy-to-build solar panel device called the SunSaluter.

Her original idea aimed to tackle one of solar energy’s biggest problems: having a solar panel pointing directly at the sun at all times, otherwise known as solar tracking.

Then, a brainwave hit Full Goh: what if she could hit two birds with one stone and both create a device that could harness more solar energy but also create potable drinking water?

What resulted was the final SunSaluter device, which is now capable of providing energy and safe water to those who need it. While it was originally patented, it is now open source for anyone to build.


Words by Colm Gorey