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Student hit with €1,650 mobile data bill for porn downloads

Student hit with €1,650 mobile data bill for porn downloads

Cork student received €1650 data bill for porn downloads

A Cork college student who thought he had an unlimited mobile internet plan incurred data charges of €1,650 after downloading gigabytes of pornography on his mobile phone.

Speaking to Cork Student News, the unidentified student said that, when he signed up for a new Meteor bill pay contract, a customer service agent said he had an unlimited data plan.

During his second month on the contract, he had moved to Cork and couldn’t access the internet on a PC for three weeks.

As a result, he relied on his phone for web access, assuming he could download as much as he wished without paying for it. He said he often downloaded multiple pornographic videos a day, many that were 25 minutes long.

However, two months later, he received the bill for €1,650.

Luckily for the student, he managed to reach an agreement with Meteor, and as a gesture of goodwill, the mobile network cut the bill down to €400.

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