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Cloud buster - glossary of cloud jargon

Cloud buster - glossary of cloud jargon

Cloud buster - glossary of cloud jargon

Cloud computing terminology explained.

Broadband: You'll need this to access the cloud in the first place. As cloud applications get more complex, broadband quality throughout Ireland will need to be increased.

Cloud app: A software application that sits on the internet, not on a local PC.

Cloud: A metaphor for a global network, first used in reference to the telephone network and now commonly used to represent the internet.

Cloud computing: A networking solution in which everything from computing power to infrastructure, applications, business processes and collaboration are delivered as a service any time, anywhere.

Cloud service: The delivery of software, infrastructure or storage that has been packaged, automated and delivered online.

Cloud sourcing: Replacing traditional IT services with cloud services.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): Your IT infrastructure - including storage, hardware, servers and networking components - is managed in a hosted environment by a specialised service provider.

Private cloud: An internal cloud that sits behind an organisation's firewall. The cloud can be managed by that company's IT department, which can then offer cloud services to workers.

Public cloud: A cloud computing environment that is open for use by the general public. For example, Gmail, Hotmail, even

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Software services available over the internet to organisations' workers, such as CRM databases via

Storage-as-a-Service: The ability to host and retrieve private data securely online, for example's S3.

Software-plus Services (S+S): Combining hosted services with capabilities that are best achieved with locally running software.

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