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Starting a new job? Here’s how to spend your first few weeks

11 Apr 2017

New job? Here’s how to get through those first few daunting weeks.

Starting a new job can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. You already went through the process of applying for a job, prepping for the interview and waiting nervously to hear if you got the role.

Depending on how big the move is, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and be wondering what you can do during your first few weeks to prove yourself and show your employer why they were right to pick you.

Ask all the questions

If you want to get stuck into your new job as quickly as possible, the best way to hit the ground running is to ask as many questions as you can. Find out everything you can about your new role and make notes of all the information, even if you think you’ll remember.

The more questions you ask, the more familiar you’ll feel with how things work in your new organisation. You will also prove yourself to be an engaged employee who is eager to learn.

Observe company culture

Spend the first few weeks observing as much of the company’s culture as possible. How do people generally dress? Does everyone go to lunch at the same time or is it more flexible?

If some things are unclear from just observing your new colleagues, ask someone. You don’t want to make an innocent mistake that makes you look bad, such as taking a late lunch or wearing clothes that are too casual.

Spend time getting to know everyone

You will probably be introduced to everyone on the first day of your new job, but even a small group of names can be overwhelming all at once.

Make it your mission to have proper one-to-one conversations with everyone on your team over the first few weeks. Not only will it solidify your place in that team, but it will also help you build early relationships and make you more comfortable in your new role.

Demonstrate your skills

Remember all those skills and abilities you talked about having in the interview? Now is the time to show them off. Employers probably don’t expect you to lie in your interview but they are aware that you would have been selling yourself.

Remind yourself of your skills and do your best to demonstrate them in your first few weeks.

Set good habits

Whether it’s your first or your sixth, a new job is always a good time to establish some good habits and get rid of negative ones. Were you bad at staying on top of to-do lists? Did you have a habit of working through lunch? Did you always get side-tracked answering emails?

Use this time as a clean break, and spend the first few weeks identifying previous bad habits and developing good ones. It only takes a month to make or break a habit.

Get to know the area

You don’t have to move far to feel completely out of sorts when it comes to new surroundings. Spend the first few weeks in your new job exploring the area around your new office. Find out where the closest café is. Ask about the nearest newsagents or post office.

Make finding good food places a priority. New employees can feel a little bit lost if they haven’t established where they can go to eat every day. It’s a good idea to ask your colleagues about the best places to go for lunch, both eat-in and takeaway.

Update social media with your new job

Once you’ve settled in, update your social media profiles accordingly. You’ll want to let your network know where you are now.

You should also connect with your new colleagues on LinkedIn in the first few weeks to grow your network. What better time to connect with them online than in the introductory stage?

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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