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When should you use these 9 remote work tools?

5 Jun 2020

This infographic from Trello gives advice on which online tools you can use for specific tasks, whether it’s automating processes or giving feedback.

At this stage, you’ve likely had to rethink many of your business strategies in order to pivot to remote working. The sudden shift in our working lives driven by Covid-19 has brought a number of challenges, from keeping staff members engaged to looking after their health and wellbeing appropriately.

To help solve these issues, many of us are turning to technology tools. One that has risen in popularity in recent months is Zoom, which you’ve likely become familiar with at this stage. It’s one of a number of videoconferencing tools that facilitates conversations that would normally take place face-to-face, such as job interviews, team meetings and even light-hearted activities to help employees blow off steam.

But what about the other tools that can make working remotely a success? There are plenty to choose from, no matter the task at hand. Google Docs, for example, can help streamline teamwork on a single piece of content through its comment and autosaving features. Confluence, a knowledge-management and document-organisation platform, may be an option for those in need of a user-friendly digital workspace.

These are just three of the tools suggested by Trello in its recommendations for achieving remote-work success. With teams dispersed, it said that a robust “toolbox” that focuses on reliable project-management software, cloud collaboration and messaging technology, among other things, is needed.

The tools you choose for your team also depend on the context and nature of what you’re communicating. If you’re offering feedback on work, for example, something like Google Docs might work best.

But for other team needs, such as quick communication, deeper discussions or secure sharing, such tools as Slack and Dropbox might be better options.

To learn about the other tools Trello recommends for remote working – including its own visual collaboration platform – check out the company’s infographic below or click here to see it as a larger image.

An infographic from Trello giving advice on nine different remote-working tools.

Remote work is on the rise. Image: Trello

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