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What you need to know about Wrike’s new AI productivity features

17 Nov 2023

Wrike is adding a copilot chatbot tool, as well as a new data repository feature. It is also making it easier for teams to track analytics.

Last year, Wrike released a report about the amount of time workers waste on unproductive meetings and unproductive tasks. Its survey of almost 3,000 people found that the vast majority were struggling with too much information and not enough time or tools to really make sense of it.

At the time the report was released, Wrike’s founder Andrew Filev may have, in hindsight, been teasing new product updates aimed at capturing this market of frazzled knowledge workers. “The current economic climate has created an urgent need for organisations to increase efficiency and drive up productivity while providing their employees with a genuine sense of purpose in the work they contribute,” he said.

Earlier this month, Wrike’s leadership team said it was adding a host of new updates to its platform. The updates include an AI-powered copilot to boost teams’ productivity levels, an integrated data repository tool, as well as improved analytics functions and user attributes.

The San Diego-headquartered company already has quite a few AI tools in its arsenal, being a work management and productivity software maker. For example, its Automation Engine product automates a lot of the so-called repetitive ‘busywork’ that professionals have to do as part of their working duties. Think things like inputting project updates, calendar reminders and so on.

Generative AI copilot

Generative AI within Wrike’s copilot for work management can already be enabled in Wrike Labs, which is where Wrike first introduces its newest features to customers. Automation suggestions will be rolled out this quarter and more functions will be introduced next year.

When the functions move beyond beta testing, all Wrike users will be able to chat with the copilot tool and ask it questions using natural language prompts. The copilot will perform the tasks by leveraging data from the user’s own files and external AI-sourced industry knowledge. The tool is intended to help customers save time and make data-driven decisions based on the information they already have available to them in their workflows.

Data repository hub

On the subject of data, Wrike is introducing Datahub, which will serve as a repository tool that streamlines access to information and files users need so they can have anything they have stored on Wrike at hand quickly. Datahub will also bring in siloed data that is stored outside of the platform. It will be available in the first quarter of 2024.

Analytics and user attributes

Those who rely on Wrike for analytics might be pleased to learn of the roll-out of next-generation analytics, such as new customisable dashboards and charts. Users can already access the new analytics in Chart view. The tool helps users keep track of teams and projects for efficiency without the need for technical analyst skills. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the tool can be configured based on what exactly users want to see.

Finally, new user attribute features will give teams that use Wrike a more efficient way to plan and manage resources. Managers can set up and track information about any Wrike user – such as their professional skills, languages spoken, location, availability and where they fit into an organisation’s hierarchy. There will also be a skills management tool that bosses can use to identify skill gaps and plan upskilling strategies.

Wrike’s VP of product, Alexey Korotich, said the new updates are all about efficiency. “With efficiency at the centre of everything, it’s pivotal that the next generation of workplace technology allows teams to cut duplicative effort, optimise resource allocation and get better visibility,” he said.

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