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How to become a star in the world of biotech

29 Sep 2017

The biotech industry is thriving in Ireland and around the world right now. Here’s how to be a part of it.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Biotech Week, both here and around Europe. We’ve been celebrating by taking a closer look at the world of biotech and pharma.

If you browse around the other sections on our site, you’ll discover what exactly biotech is, you’ll find out about some of the start-ups making waves in the biotech sector and you’ll learn about the challenges facing the industry.

Over here in the Careers section, we’re all about showing you what it’s like to work in the biotech industry.

This week, we explored some of the hottest biotech jobs that are coming over the horizon in the next few years as well as some of the biggest companies in biotech that are looking for talent right now.

It’s not just those who are already in industry that we catered for this week. If you’re curious about the biotech sector and wondering what an average day looks like for someone who works in the field, we’ve got you covered.

Also, biotech isn’t just for graduates and professionals. Filling the talent gap in sci-tech industries means getting through to young adults and children to inform them of the possibilities when they’re thinking about what they might want to do in life.

We spoke to Sean Preston, a scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) who is spearheading a pilot programme next month that will show transition-year students what makes working in the industry so special.

Of course, if our Careers coverage this week was wall-to-wall biotech, we wouldn’t be able to help those in other industries.

With that in mind, we also have profiles from workers in Voxpro, Vodafone and PwC, including a little extra help for those graduates who are still trying to decide which programme is right for them.

Finally, for the managers among you, we have some important advice from SNP Communications CEO Maureen Taylor: never underestimate the importance of conscious intent and empathy.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. 6 top companies hiring in biotech right now

Looking for your dream job in the biotech sector? Look no further, these companies are looking for people like you right now.

2. Bringing up Biotechies: New course will introduce students to biopharma

There are plenty of initiatives for young people to introduce themselves to tech, but what about the biopharma sector?

3. BMS bioprocess associate: ‘It might sound cliché, but I truly enjoy my job’

Want to know what it’s like to work in the industry? Hearing some first-hand experience is often the best way to know.

4. 6 of the hottest jobs on the biotech scene right now

Want to jump on the biotech bandwagon? Stay one step ahead by getting to know the most in-demand jobs in the sector with help from Hays’ Paul Strouts.

5. How IBM Research is using AI to help healthcare professionals

Not all AI will be bad for future jobs. At IBM, researchers are looking at how it can have a positive societal impact.

6. Maureen Taylor: Why seeking understanding creates the best leaders

SNP Communications’ Maureen Taylor knows a thing or two about moulding a real leader. She explained the importance of conscious intent and empathy for managers at Inspirefest 2017.

7. UpStarter aims to connect talent with top tech employers

UpStarter shows no signs of slowing down as the Irish tech sector flourishes.

8. How do choose the right graduate programme for you?

Hannah Wolahan chose PwC’s graduate programme. Here, she tells us why.

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