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Fujitsu launches permanent remote working plan for 80,000 employees

7 Jul 2020

Fujitsu plans to close 50pc of its offices in Japan and transition to a new working model which relies on hot desks and remote work.

On Monday (6 July), Japanese technology business Fujitsu announced plans to redefine working styles for thousands of its employees through the launch of its ‘Work Life Shift’ campaign.

The firm plans to reduce its office footprint in Japan by 50pc, allowing 80,000 employees in the country to work remotely.

The company said that this initiative introduces a new way of working that promises a more empowering, productive and creative experience for employees, with the goal of boosting innovation and delivering new value to customers.

The initiative will also look at how digital innovation can improve employee wellbeing. Fujitsu first began actively promoting remote working practices by introducing them company-wide in Japan in 2017.

Supporting work-life balance

As part of the initiative, Fujitsu has outlined measures that will address both changes to the personnel system as well as the office environment for workers in Japan to accelerate their transition to a new style of working.

Fujitsu plans to streamline its use of office space in Japan and halve its current footprint by the end of 2022. This will involve the introduction of a hot-desk system where employees are not assigned to a fixed desk.

To begin with, 80,000 Japan-based Fujitsu Group employees will begin to primarily work on a remote basis to achieve a working style that allows them to flexibly use their time according to the contents of their work, business roles and lifestyle, according to Fujitsu.

The company said it anticipates that this will not only improve productivity, but also mark a “fundamental shift” away from the rigid, traditional concept of commuting.

Some of the measures that the Japanese business plans to introduce include flexible working hours for all Japan-based Fujitsu Group employees from July 2020 onwards and changing support for commuting expenses, offering additional support for remote work environments.

‘A borderless office’

Fujitsu said it plans to shift from the conventional practice of working from a fixed office, towards a new seamless system that allows employees to freely choose where they want to work.

The firm also plans to establish a system to allow employees to work from locations far from Fujitsu offices, such as their hometown in the countryside, as well as supporting those who may move due to personal reasons such as family care.

The company will set up office hubs in different parts of Japan. Each office will have a defined main function, such as the demonstration of IT systems, showcases or collaboration with customers.

The firm will also expand its satellite office spaces and continuously update its security policies to build a secure global network infrastructure.

To bring corporate culture up to speed with the technological changes the company is introducing, it also plans to improve one-to-one communication between supervisors and employees and conduct ongoing wellness checks to support employee wellbeing.

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By Kelly Earley

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