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How to sharpen your skills for the job hunt

7 Oct 2016

Most weeks, our careers round-up is all about jobs. This week is a little different. This week, it’s about the hunt.

This week saw a relatively paltry 170 jobs announced. 85 of these came from digital security specialist Netwatch, and 50 from broadband player Casa Systems.

Vodafone brought up the rear with just 36 jobs, but made up for it with the simple fact that those jobs bring the company’s headcount above 2,000.

If any of those openings interest you, but you’re already employed, we may have good news for you. This week saw LinkedIn announcing a new feature, which allows users to identify themselves as jobseekers without their bosses finding out.

That could be of particular interest to anyone who has found themselves employed on a career path that’s the wrong fit. We spoke to Dr Catherine O’Connor, a medical science liaison manager who turned her back on a career as a GP when she realised it wasn’t right for her. The success she enjoyed after changing disciplines show that this was the right choice.

Recent grads were also well served this week, as GLEN revealed its seven top tips for launching a career. Although geared towards LGBT grads, the tips are applicable across the board.

An important aspect of the job hunt is having the requisite background and experience, and it’s never too soon to be prepared.

This week, we heard from Hays Recruitment about the eight hottest jobs in telecoms – a useful guide for anyone wondering what they should study to succeed in comms.

And you can start prepping even before you get to the college choices stage. A background in coding will stand you in good stead in many career areas – and when it comes to the job hunt – and there are a number of resources available to people from a young age.

This week, we got a preview of the upcoming Coder Girl Hack Day, which will be taking place during Europe Code Week. It will aim to offer girls an insight into the opportunities available to those graduating with third-level degrees in tech or engineering.

We also heard that Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) will be teaming up with Stemettes to support a weekend-long coding and creativity event in the bank’s London offices.

Finally, we stepped away from prepping for the job hunt to learn some important lessons about what HR professionals can do to improve customer experience and create moments of magic.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Vodafone plans to increase Irish workforce to 2,000 employees

On the back of increasing infrastructural expansion, Vodafone has announced a host of new technology jobs that will, when filled, bring the company’s headcount above 2,000.

2. New LinkedIn feature puts you in jobs market without the boss knowing

A new feature from LinkedIn makes it easy for users of the social network to secretly tell recruiters they are open to being hired.

3. So your career path isn’t right for you – what now?

One thing they don’t tell you before you start working: your career plans and your career reality don’t always match up.

4. 7 top tips for LGBT grads launching their careers

On the back of its ranking of inclusive employers operating in Ireland, the gay and lesbian equality network GLEN has created a list of seven interview and job seeking tips.

5. The 8 hottest jobs in telecoms

There are few industries that remain untouched by the tech jobs surge. Telecoms is no different, with a wealth of job opportunities available in the sector. Hays Recruitment’s Saq Yaqub talks us through the eight hottest jobs in comms.

6. Coder Girl Hack Day: Grassroots meets multinational for event

A coming together of grassroots learning groups and multinational companies working throughout Ireland is making for a fine Coder Girl Hack Day this year.

7. BofAML agrees deal to host its fourth Stemettes event in London

BofAML is teaming up with the Stemettes organisation to hold a weekend of coding and creativity in its London office, highlighting the importance of STEM.

8. 12 ways HR can add value to the customer experience

HR expert Pedro Angulo outlines how the key to great customer experiences can be HR, with the customer at its heart.

Looking for jobs in tech or science? Check out our Employer Profiles for information on companies hiring right now.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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