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Fantastic week for Irish talent as 710 new jobs announced

19 May 2017

Looking for sci-tech jobs in Ireland? Good news! With more than 700 new jobs created in the last week, you have a pretty good chance of landing one.

In another strong week for the Irish jobs market, 710 new roles were added by companies across the island.

Notable announcements came from Northern Ireland, with software company First Derivatives creating 400 graduate openings, and Anomali announcing 120 jobs for its new Belfast-based cybersecurity R&D lab.

Announcements from the Irish Manufacturing Research centre, Aphix Software, Alison, Scurri, Virgin Media and Mallinckrodt rounded out the rest.

But don’t forget: even without headline-grabbing announcements, many of the really exciting companies hire on a regular basis. We found 17 top companies – from Accenture to Version 1 – who are hiring in Ireland right now.

To get one of these jobs, you might need to do a little career building, and we’ve got you covered.

Skills and qualifications

First and foremost, you need to build the requisite skills that are essential to your chosen line of work. We looked at what you should study if you want to work in machine learning, and what languages you should learn if you want a career in development.

And upskilling isn’t just a young buck’s game. We also found out how those who are further into their working life can re-skill to become a web developer.

Sometimes, though, upskilling can be targeted. Want to work at a particular company? Find out what they look for from talent to find out if you fit the bill, and what you need to do. This week, we asked LinkedIn what makes a good candidate.

Now that you’re qualified, actually landing the job is the next hurdle. We gave you some tips on how to appeal to hiring managers, from nailing your LinkedIn profile to wowing the panel with your interview presentation.

But, when you get that coveted job, how can you ensure that you keep growing your career and your personal brand? What will make you a must-meet when you’re looking for your next move?

Expert advice

One potential career boost can be developing leadership skills. This week, we looked at some of the common leadership mistakes and how you can avoid them.

So, you’ve secured your job, and you’re already lining up some avenues for self-development, but something still isn’t right. You’re unhappy. Why? We pulled together some tips on how you can try to find happiness at work, and some explanations for what might be preventing that happiness.

A big motivator in the career-building journey can be seeing how even the small things can lead to a highly successful career. We spoke to composer Eimear Noone on her career trajectory from a 10p payment for contributing to the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack to composing for World of Warcraft.

Finally, we strayed away from career building to look at sector building – the future of work. We spoke to Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley to find out how he thinks the workplace and workforce will change in the future, and the important part that HR will play in that change.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. NI software player First Derivatives to hire 400 graduates

First Derivatives already employs 1,750 people worldwide at offices in Newry, London, New York, Stockholm and Dublin. The intake of 400 graduates is up from 300 last year.

2. 120 jobs for Belfast at new cybersecurity R&D lab

In the wake of WannaCry, US-based cybersecurity firm Anomali has chosen Belfast to be the home of its new cybersecurity R&D lab.

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Looking for jobs in sci-tech? All of these top software, consultancy and pharma companies are hiring in Ireland right now.

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7. LinkedIn is hiring! But who is it looking for?

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8. How to make the perfect LinkedIn profile and find your dream job

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9. 4 ways to wow with your interview presentation

Have you been asked to do an interview presentation? They can be daunting prospects, but Hays’ Karen Young has some pointers that should help you deliver yours like a pro.

10. 5 common leadership mistakes and how to avoid them

Being a leader doesn’t mean you’re immune to error. The key to being a good leader is to learn from your mistakes and avoid making them again.

11. What is the secret to happiness at work?

Are you happy when you’re at work? We’ve got some top tips for those of you struggling to get through the week.

12. How a 10p gig for Metal Gear Solid spawned a career in video game music

Orchestral composer Eimear Noone is a legend in the gaming industry for her work on World of Warcraft and Overwatch, but her background story is not a typical one.

13. ‘A more human workplace is key to the future of work’

The workplace is changing, drastically. Eric Mosley, co-founder and CEO of Globoforce, offers some insight into how that change will manifest and what companies need to do to keep up with the future of work.

Kirsty Tobin
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