Cloud and data science top skills demanded by Irish employers, says LinkedIn
Pictured: Wendy Murphy, senior HR director of LinkedIn EMEA. Image: Naoise Culhane

Cloud and data science are the top skills of 2016, says LinkedIn

24 Oct 2016

Not surprisingly, nine out of 10 of the top skills demanded by Irish employers in 2016 are technology-based; with cloud and distributed computing followed by statistical analysis and data mining taking the the top positions.

It is interesting to note that a good many of these job types didn’t exist 10 years ago.

The annual list is developed by analysing all of the recruiting activity on LinkedIn since January, and uncovers several trends about the Irish job market.

‘While some skills expire every couple of years, our data highlights the ongoing demand for tech skills across every industry in Ireland’

Demand remains high for tech skills like cloud and distributed computing (No. 1), and statistical analysis and data mining (No. 2).

LinkedIn said that this is due to the fact that tech skills are no longer confined to the tech industry; they are needed in nearly every industry and county in the country.

One of the skills that experienced a spike in hiring activity was recruitment, which was in response to firms expanding during the year.

Similarly, professionals with marketing skills have been heavily in demand in 2016, with marketing campaign management joining the list of the top ten skills for the first time.

The top skills in demand in 2016

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing (no change)
  2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (no change)
  3. Web Architecture and Development Framework (up three places from 2015)
  4. Network and Information Security (up one place from 2015)
  5. SEO/SEM Marketing (fell two places since 2015)
  6. Marketing Campaign Management (new entry)
  7. Software Revision Control Systems (up three places from 2015)
  8. Middleware and Integration Software (fell four places since 2015)
  9. Mobile Development (fell one place since 2015)
  10. Recruiting (up six places from 2015)

“While we see job applications spike on LinkedIn in October, we know companies aren’t actually hiring at the same rate until January,” said Wendy Murphy, senior HR director, LinkedIn EMEA.

“While some skills expire every couple of years, our data highlights the ongoing demand for tech skills across every industry in Ireland.

“While this is good news for science, technology, engineering, and math graduates, professionals going back to further education should consider these areas when considering which skills to acquire in order to be more marketable.”

John Kennedy
By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years. His interests include all things technological, music, movies, reading, history, gaming and losing the occasional game of poker.

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