UK’s GCHQ seeking new cyber spy talent with code challenge

2 Dec 2011

The UK intelligence agency GCHQ has launched a site to recruit cyber security specialists by asking applicants to crack a code on their website.

The BBC reports that the site shows a code for applicants to crack consisting of lines of letters and numbers. Once the applicant discovers the keyword from the code, they are invited to apply for a job within the GCHQ, though they are not guaranteed an interview.

However, people who have hacked illegally or are not British citizens are ineligible for the job.

The website is active until 12 December and the organisation is also encouraging people to share it through social networks. The code has reportedly been solved by more than 50 people so far.

According to the GCHQ, the idea behind the site is to attract people who don’t respond to traditional advertisements and are unaware of the organisation’s demand for people with these skills to tackle cyber terrorism.

The UK Intelligence and Security Committee noted that the GCHQ had difficulty in retaining top talent in its organisation, which The Telegraph reports is down to salary.

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