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This one change can make employees way happier

22 Mar 2019

This week in Careers, Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley explained why simply recognising employee achievements can make workers so much happier.

Tech recruitment is a competitive game these days. There’s a bit of a squeeze when it comes to certain vital skills – computer science and engineering immediately spring to mind, though many pockets of STEM suffer shortages. Not only is it tough to get new talent in the door, but keeping them can be challenging, especially when contending with other firms constantly making grand poaching attempts.

Salary isn’t enough; good compensation packages are a dime a dozen if you possess skills in short supply. We also know from research we’ve previously reported on that money doesn’t necessarily make people totally happy.

Many companies have gotten smarter in their approach. Big names in STEM famously boast lush facilities and lavish perks for their employees, hoping to keep them happy and comfortable enough that they don’t move to greener pastures.

Yet people such as Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley understand that there’s a dimension of employee satisfaction that goes beyond throwing money at them. Employees need to feel a connection to the people they work with. They need to feel like their hard work is recognised and rewarded. This is what Mosley explained to Careers editor Jenny Darmody this week at his company’s annual conference, WorkHuman, in Nashville, Tennessee.

We also heard from Niall Hughes, head of experienced hire recruitment at PwC, about the incredible opportunities in technology transformation at the firm. As society turns a sharp technological corner, enterprises large and small need people to help them efficiently implement emerging technologies. Does this sound like something you have the skills for, or that you’d like? Then you should find out more about working at PwC.

If you’re working in one field but are eyeing up another, you may be wondering about the best way to navigate such a pivot. Fortunately for you, Cahir O’Leary kindly laid out his top tips for successfully changing careers. He drew upon his own experiencing moving from a HR position at Johnson & Johnson EDC to being a scrum master.

In jobs, we reported on two different firms across Ireland that are hiring right now. Dublin digital transformation firm Singlepoint will take on 50 new recruits as it gears up to move into new offices in North Dock, Dublin. Meanwhile, a financial services firm in Belfast called HNH revealed that it will invest more than £1.3m in the creation of new divisions and the hiring of 14 new people.

For more on any of these stories, check out the links above.

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