Digital media system allows CityJet’s corporate TV channel to take off

12 Aug 2008

CityJet has created its own TV channel using a digital media system (DMS), which allows it to provide content to its 720 employees, as well as target customers at the airports it operates from.

The move is part of a general trend towards more innovative internal communications methods. Meteor introduced Planet Meteor TV here two years ago, which produces six episodes a year that employees can watch via a link on the company’s intranet.

The difference with CityJet’s TV channel, according to a spokesman, is content is regularly updated. There can be anything from information on summer parties and tag rugby to changing company policies.

The Cisco DMS it uses, delivered by Complete Telecom, is linked to 40-inch plasma screens at CityJet’s offices in Dublin Airport, London City Airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport and at CityJet’s engineering centre in Dublin.

An in-house team creates the content, which can be filmed using digital cameras, and then transmits it instantly to all the business units across a secure network.

“Information that might have taken days or weeks to disseminate can now be put up on screens at all our operating locations within seconds,” said Patrick Edmond, head of commercial, CityJet.

Programming, such as training videos and up-to-the-minute support information, can be targeted to individual displays by language or for specific regions at the touch of a button. The system can also be used to quickly alert employees to important company news and changes to schedules or procedures.

The second element of the DMS system involves a video portal that allows CityJet to broadcast the same programmes to its employees over the corporate intranet.

Programmes can be accessed at any time from any of the CityJet locations or over the internet through a secure website. This means highly mobile staff, such as cabin crew and pilots, can receive training and information wherever they are.

By Sorcha Corcoran

Pictured L-R: Neil Wisdom, sales director, Complete Telecom; Patrick
Edmond, head of commercial, CityJet; and Gwen Robinson, media producer,