15 frantic years of tech innovation (infographic)

24 Sep 2015

The digital revolution within which we sit has gathered such pace that we hear about interesting technological advancements on a near-daily basis. This means the last 15 years have absolutely flown by.

It seems hard to imagine now, but remember a time before you carried an Apple device of some description?

The turn of the millennium saw many of us neatly fitting the latest Nokia into our jeans, with the vast majority of us still relying on dial-up internet.

It seems that once broadband access started to gather steam, so did the market for multiple products.

Now we have games consoles reliant on cloud access, smartphones matched in capabilities by tablets, wristwatches and wearables and spacecrafts with Twitter accounts.

Tech triumphs and tech disasters

Microsoft has had a rocky 21st century, while Dell and Nokia have struggled to keep up in a smart world.

Elsewhere, online services like YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have entirely reshaped how we connect with each other on this planet.

Speaking of this planet, we receive images from the extreme end of our solar system through basic signalling technology now, imagine what way we will beam back content in the near future?

This infographic shows a neat timeline, taking us from the end of the dot-com bubble right up to today’s device-rich society.

15 years of technology - tech

Main image via Luke Wroblewski on Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic