A Bank of Ireland branch in Dublin with the company logo on a blue sign at the top of the doors.
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Bank of Ireland to recruit 130 IT specialists

29 Apr 2021

Recruitment is already underway and the roles available include technical architects, software developers, engineers and data analysts.

Bank of Ireland is recruiting across a range of tech disciplines as it expands its in-house engineering teams to help enhance its digital services.

The bank plans to recruit 130 IT specialists over the next 12 months, with recruitment already underway. The roles available include technical architects, software developers, engineers, specialised project managers and data analysts.

Jackie Noakes, chief operating officer at Bank of Ireland, said the pace of banking is changing rapidly.

“We’ve reached a tipping point between traditional offline banking and 24/7 digital services. That makes roles like these critical to how we serve our customers, bring products and services to market, and develop our business into the future,” she said.

“Inside every bank there’s a tech company – delivering constant change driven by customer demand – and that’s why we’re investing strongly in our in-house digital engineering teams.”

Bank of Ireland also said it is strongly encouraging women to apply for the new roles, adding that almost half of all previously advertised IT roles at the bank were filled by women.

Remote working

New recruits will have the option to work from home as well as access to multiple bank buildings. This will include a new network of remote working hubs that are being rolled out.

Earlier this month, the bank’s chief people officer, Matt Elliott, said that rethinking the traditional office model has been a key part of the company’s vision for the future.

“Things won’t go back to how they were at the start of 2020,” he said. “Our network of remote working hubs will provide a real alternative to time and energy-sapping commutes. The central office still has an important but different role to play, with large office buildings being redesigned to facilitate meetings and collaboration.”

Jobseekers can learn more about vacancies at Bank of Ireland on its career page.

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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