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Irish professionals still choosing UK despite Brexit fallout

6 Mar 2017

A new LinkedIn study shows that Irish professionals are still happy to choose working in the UK, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

University-educated professionals from Ireland seem unperturbed by the messy break-up between the UK and EU, with willingness to relocate to Ireland’s nearest neighbours still high among the demographic.

Ireland and Italy

According to LinkedIn’s latest research, a third of all roles viewed by this demographic are UK-based. The only other country that can match Irish enthusiasm for UK work is Italy, whose university-educated professionals are also not put off by Brexit, it seems.

Almost one in five of all job adverts viewed by Irish degree holders are for posts abroad, highlighting that there is still a significant level of interest in working overseas.

Interestingly, the data also shows that despite a significant number of Irish professionals emigrating, the number of non-nationals looking to enter Ireland far outstrips demand.

For example, Ireland is the fourth most popular destination within the EU for British degree holders, ranking behind Italy, Germany and France.

“Ireland continues to be a major lure for foreign talent, with significant numbers of university-educated professionals interested in taking up roles here,” said Sharon McCooey, senior director of international operations and site leader of LinkedIn Ireland.

“Our previous professional migration data shows that the Irish technology sector is one of the main beneficiaries of this trend.

“Given the growth in the sector and the economy as a whole, it is important that we see a positive net flow of talent into Ireland.”

Elsewhere, telecoms company Magnet is introducing its London LaunchPad for Irish companies, providing 10 businesses with a four-month, rent-free office in the capital of England.

The idea – unfortunately named ‘Brentry’ – behind the initiative is to encourage Irish companies to trade with the UK, traditionally Ireland’s largest business partner.

Spread wings

The launch pad, as well as LinkedIn’s study, is positive news for any Irish professionals looking to spread their wings a little.

“Naturally, there will always be a relatively high level of interest amongst Irish professionals to explore roles abroad,” said McCooey.

“While no one ever wants to lose talent, a positive note to bear in mind is that more professionals are moving to Ireland than emigrating.

“Of those coming to Ireland, we are seeing a continued trend of Irish emigrants returning to take up positions back home. The experience these workers gain on their travels is invaluable to Ireland, particularly given that Irish companies need to diversify into new markets.”

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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