Career Zoo: Interview with Ronan Fitzpatrick, Aer Lingus

24 Sep 2014

This September marked the first time Aer Lingus attended Career Zoo and, as their director of IT applications, Ronan Fitzpatrick explains, the company are on the lookout for skilled IT jobseekers.

As Fitzpatrick explains, the perception of Aer Lingus by the general public is a company that just deals solely with organising hundreds of flights per day, but might not be aware of importance of IT within the business.

In a continuing trend for most airlines, Aer Lingus sell 80pc of their tickets online meaning a strong and efficient IT team is needed to keep its website and various technical services running at all times.

This changing of attitude is one that Ronan and the management of Aer Lingus are looking for when it comes to hiring new tech staff with the company: “We want people to think of Aer Lingus and think of a digital shamrock rather than an old shamrock and we want good people to work with our good people.”

Career Zoo interview: Ronan Fitzpatrick, Aer Lingus

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic. He joined in January 2014 and covered AI, IoT, science and anything that will get us to Mars quicker. When not trying to get his hands on the latest gaming release, he can be found lost in a sea of Wikipedia articles on obscure historic battles and countries that don't exist any more, or watching classic Simpsons episodes far too many times to count.

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