Irish tech firm Digicom announces 30 new positions in Dublin
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Irish tech firm Digicom announces 30 new positions in Dublin

7 Nov 2017

Digicom intends to recruit 30 new employees over the next three years.

Last month, during our Future of Work Week, we spoke to Accenture’s head of human resources, Ellyn Shook, about how the office of the future will look and operate.

She spoke of future trends and how the workspace will have to mould to the needs of companies and their workers, and explained how office technology will make leaps and bounds in concert with technological progress.

Today’s exciting jobs announcement seems to indicate that this technological transformation is already underway.

Digicom has revealed today that it intends to almost double its workforce over the course of the next three years with the addition of 30 staff.

The Irish firm specialises in the provision of managed audio-visual, printing and support services to office spaces across Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. It supplies and installs technologies such as video conferencing systems and print management software.

The new positions will be based in Digicom’s headquarters in Ballymount, Dublin. The company has already began its recruitment drive and is hoping to hire project managers, technical engineers, sales staff, programmers, computer-aided design drawers and trainees.

Digicom was founded in 1997 by its current managing director Greg Clarke. A board member of BizWorld Dublin and previous chair, Clarke is also former president of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking at the announcement, Clarke said: “The digital workplace is rapidly evolving. There is a huge search for talent, and the way to attain and retain that talent is investment in the latest technology.

“The millennial generation that is entering the workplace, and increasingly maturing into decision-making roles, want their technology at work to be the latest available and seamlessly integrate into their work and personal lives.

“For many employers, the technology in their office is as important an incentive as anything else – it is mission-critical.”

Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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