Another ‘buoyant’ ICT, pharma and engineering jobs month

12 May 2016

A report into job availability in Ireland has found that, once again, the ICT, pharma and engineering sectors remain ‘buoyant’, with very strong demand for candidates and ongoing competition for talent and skills.

If you are eligible to work here and have pharma, ICT or engineering skills, you shouldn’t be too long looking for a job in Ireland.

That’s according to Morgan McKinley’s latest jobs report, which found that language skills are another valuable tool in a jobseeker’s armoury.

Job opportunities are down almost 10pc on last year, however, as the number of professionals looking for work has dropped at a similar rate, it’s not having too much of an effect.

“As a sector, data continues to evolve rapidly and this is driven strongly by security considerations where cybercrime remains a serious issue to be countered by the entire economy,” said Morgan McKinley’s Bryan Hyland.

“This is stimulating jobs availability for professionals in analytics with a specialisation in active detection of threats rather than prevention.”

Hyland suggested that contract workers are in the best spot as many IT projects are timed to conclude soon, meaning their high rates could be converted into permanent contracts.

Jobs in Ireland

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Gordon Hunt
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