Government uncertainty leading to slackening jobs market?

11 Mar 2016

As one says in polite society, we’re between governments right now, and it’s hard not to notice the attendant slackening off of big jobs announcements.

Perhaps no one wants to announce jobs when there’s a fair amount of uncertainty abounding in Ireland. Perhaps it’s just because it’s less fun to announce jobs when you can’t have a minister or the Taoiseach there to help you do it.

Or perhaps this is a giant coincidence, and there just aren’t any jobs to be announced. Whatever the reason, it’s been a quiet few weeks.

Of course, there are some companies bucking the trend (if you can call not doing something a trend). E-commerce company CarGurus this week announced 100 jobs for its brand new EU headquarters.

They should have no problem finding people to fill those roles, as this year has already seen a substantial increase in the number of professionals seeking new opportunities, according to Morgan McKinley.

Accenture may be interested to hear that, too, as they’re currently in a recruitment phase, seeking candidates for 450 jobs announced over the last six months.

We sat down with Accenture’s head of people and change consulting, Audrey O’Mahony, to chat about why people should want to work at the professional services company, and about retention and the tech pipeline.

Of course, if those professionals seeking employment aren’t enough for companies, there are always other options – like attracting the diaspora back to Ireland.

That’s worked for Pramerica, as you can see from our interview with Glenn Rainey, operations service delivery manager at the company, who moved home from America to work at Pramerica and complete his education.

While this week may not have had much to report when it came to jobs announcements, there was a lot to think about when it came to the future of the tech sector.

International Women’s Day saw Accenture holding an event that celebrated powerful women and encouraged women to pursue opportunities in tech and leadership.

And, finally, some great news came to us from Camara Education’s Zambia operation: young women are taking up computer studies in higher numbers than ever before, and are earning the highest test results.

For more details on any of these stories, follow the links below:

1. 100 jobs cruise into Dublin as CarGurus sets up shop

E-commerce company CarGurus is opening a new European HQ in Dublin, with the promise of 100 jobs as the car seller moves outside of its US home.

2. Increase in number of professionals seeking new jobs

The number of professionals looking for a new role, be that by changing companies or rejoining employment, is significantly up on last year – 14pc up, to be precise.

3. Accenture: helping employees be their most authentic selves

Global professional services company Accenture is growing in Ireland. The company has announced 450 jobs over the last six months, and aims to fill all of these before the end of August this year. That’s a massive show of support for the company’s Dublin-based operations.

4. Leaving Ireland for the experience, coming home for a career

Glenn Rainey, operations service delivery manager at Pramerica, left Ireland to broaden his experience. He came back to develop his career and finish his education.

5. Accenture IWD event celebrates spectrum of success

Accenture’s International Women’s Day event helped shine a light on the broad spectrum of opportunities in technology and leadership, and the women of all ages and backgrounds who are leading the way.

6. Camara Zambia shows massive uptake in computer studies for girls

Ahead of International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March, Camara Zambia had some uplifting news, as its operations there showed there has been a huge uptake in the number of girls doing computer studies.

Looking for tech jobs in Ireland? Check out our Featured Employers section for information on companies hiring right now.

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