LinkedIn: revolutionising the world of recruiting (infographic)

21 Mar 2013

LinkedIn is the one social media site that seems to have a stronger impact on companies than it does on its members, a new infographic suggests.

The site is a treasure trove for recruiters – delivering more recruits at less expense – whereas for job-seekers completing a LinkedIn profile may just be one more step in the job hunt, the infographic published by Master in Human Resources on reveals.

The infographic provides bite-sized bits of information about LinkedIn users and recruiters’ use of the business social network. For example, the site provides increased honesty, meaning, it’s difficult for members to lie about their work or education experiences when known contacts can view what they have posted about their backgrounds. This honesty could help explain why 93pc of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for job candidates, as well.

However, half (50.5pc) of LinkedIn users have an incomplete profile, according to the infographic.


Tina Costanza
By Tina Costanza

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic. She came to Ireland from Canada, where she had held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto. When she wasn’t saving dangling participles, she was training for 10K races or satisfying a craving for scones.

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