Live Register figures indicate ongoing stabilisation in the economy

2 Mar 2011

Chambers Ireland today announced that the new Government must prioritise job retention and job creation in order to ensure that the almost 1.8m people currently employed retain their jobs.

Chambers Ireland urges the new Government to implement pro-enterprise policies focused on creating new jobs.

Seán Murphy, Chambers Ireland deputy chief executive said, “The seasonally adjusted Live Register figures provide another indication of an ongoing stabilisation in the economy. While this suggests that we are slowly turning our economy and jobs market around, clearly much needs to be done to reduce unemployment levels further.”

“While the Government cannot create jobs, it can create an environment that supports job creation by implementing policies that facilitate the creation of new job opportunities at rates of pay that employers can afford to pay. One way to achieve this would be to abolish those employment regulation orders (ERO) and registered employment agreements (REA) that no longer serve a purpose,” Murphy said.

Labour urges the new government to prioritise job creation

The figures indicated that there were 444,299 people on the Live Register at the end of February.  

Labour Party spokesperson Willie Penrose said “While the increase is relatively small and while the seasonally adjusted rate has actually decreased, there are, for the 21st successive month, in excess of 400,000 claiming jobseekers benefit or allowance.”

“There is still a huge challenge facing the country, and the incoming Government, to undo the huge economic damage done by Fianna Fail.

“More than ever we need a new government that will put the country back on its feet and give job creation the priority it deserves”, he concluded.

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